Howto : mount NFS datastore from Synology NAS (ESXi)


The following describes how to connect your Synology NAS to your ESXi host using NFS :

First make sure NFS is enabled :




NFS has to be enabled ofcourse Glimlach



Then create an shared folder (or use an existing one)



Add NFS rights, specify the host (ESXi server) and read/write access :



Now goto your ESXi server, configuration –> storage :


Now Add Storage..


Choose Network File System :


Specify you folder (go back 4 screenshots for the information you specified)


Click next and you have an extra NFS datastore!


How to : Extend diskspace Windows 2008 (R2)


Many times people asked me how to extend a disk or I see them running Gpart or CLI tools while it’s not necessary. For those people I decided to write this blogpost.

Step 1 : Extend your disk in VMware settings

Go to you vCenter server and extend the disk. Simply go to the server you wish to edit, choose edit settings and click on the hard drive you wish to extend. Make sure you select the right drive! Glimlach


Now just fill in the amount of disk space you want for this drive. In mine example (I took this picture after resizing the disk) it was 30 GB and I added 20 Gb so the total is 50 Gb of storage.

Step 2 : Check your drive and extend it Glimlach

Before I extended the drive it was 30 Gb, check this picture :


Now we are going to extend this drive. Go to server manager/storage.


Click rescan disks, because Windows doesn’t see the extra available space right yet. After the rescan you must see extra unallocated space. Now select the volume (partition) you wish the extend. See below :

extend disk

Just go through these simple steps :






Et voila, the disk is extended :



Review : Veeam Explorer for Exchange


While attending Tech Ed 2012 EMEA I spoke with some people @ the Veeam booth. They showed me a beta version of the Veeam Explorer for Exchange. I was very enthusiastic about it and after a few week of holiday I finally had some time to do a review for myself.

What does Veeam Explorer do?

Veeam Explorer makes it possible to restore single mailbox items from the Exchange database (EDB + logfiles). Everyone knows the tool no system administrator can live with out, Ontrack Powercontrols. I’ve used that tool several times, but there is one major drawback. It’s licensed on a exchange server name. So for consultants and companies with multiple exchange servers it’s not that handy. Although there are more companies and products who work just fine they all cost money.  And Veeam Explorer for Exchange (VEFE for now) will also be available in a free version!

Also very nice, VEFE doesn’t need any agents. Just point to an exchange ese.dll and you mailbox edb file and the logfiles and off you go. You can dropdown your mailbox database and scroll through all the mailboxes and their items. You can even directly open all the items (mails etc)

Installation of Veeam Explorer for Exchange

Installation of VEFE is very easy. Make sure you have Veeam Backup & Replication 6.1 x64 installed!







First point to an Exchange Server installation (ese.dll). This can be an unc path.


Then I restored an back-up of my Exchange 2010 Server database


Fill in the location of the Exchange database file(s) and the logfiles


Wait a couple of seconds


And the database is connected


Now scroll through the items and these are the options




Although the product is still in beta, it works very nice. I was surprised about the speed of the program. Other programs like Ontrack Powercontrols also work very nice but their performance is not that great. It takes ages to scroll to several mailboxes to find the message you are looking for. VEFE works very quickly. Ofcourse it depends on the hardware (storage!) but using my whitebox environment and several tens of gigabytes of mailbox data the performance was top of the line!

There is room for improvement also, Smile The VEFE is an standalone program and is not yet integrated in Veeam Backup and Recovery. Although it’s not necessary, it could be nice. Another feature I would like to see in the final version is the possibility to restore items directly in an other mailbox store. Yes, now you can forward the message of export to pst. But a direct restore would be better, the items are untouched then also.

Try it for yourself

Veeam offers the possibility to test the beta product.

Therefore go to the veeam website ( and register for the beta.


Don’t you want to wait to be selected? I have a few invites. Want to receive one? Leave a comment!


Setting up a PPP connection with Windows 7


Follow the following steps to setup a PPP connection with Windows 7 :

Open control panel, and search for Phone and Modem (or use the Dutch equiv. etc)




Go to Modems, add modem

Select don’t detect my modem



Select the Communications cable between two computers



Go to network and sharing centre and choose set up a new connection or network



Choose Connect to the Internet


Ignore the you are already connected to the internet warning, choose set up a new connection anyway



Choose Dial-up


Choose the “Communications cable between two computers”


Fill in the appropriate username, password etc.

Now you’re all set! Smile

Robocopy Error #112 when copying large amount of data to EMC cifs


A customer had problems synchronizing large amount of data to an EMC CIFS share using the robocopy /mir commandline option.

2011/07/14 13:38:58 ERROR 112 (0x00000070) Creating Destination Directory \\xxxx\xxx\
There is not enough space on the disk.

Waiting 30 seconds...

After some troubleshooting I found that opslock, hidden sharing and CIFS caching were not the problem but the fact that the share was thin created. I created 2 shares, one thin and one fat. You guessed it right, the thin version failed. Changed the properties to fat and the problem was gone!


NetApp Hot Add disks


A collegae of me asked of it is possible to hot add (without rebooting) new disks to a NetApp filer.
I decided to add a couple of new disks to a NetApp 2040 filer but Filerview didn’t show me any new drives.
Using the following command I did see the newly added disks : disk show -a.

I noticed the command disk assign didn’t work, getting the error Assign failed for one or more disks in the list.

The following commands did the trick :

priv set advanced

disk assign <disk-id> -s unowned -f

disk assign <disk-id>

priv set

Now it’s possible to add the disks using filerview.


Veeam V5 Backup Error: not enough space or end of file


I ran into this error when upgraded to V5 of Veeam Backup :

After some investigation I found out that V5 doesn’t like backuping to a netwerk path anylonger (example \\\mybackup). Just map an drive an everything will be working fine!

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