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Using the Microsoft Mobile Device Emulator to test ActiveSync 10

Download the following :

Microsoft Device Emulator 3.0, Windows Mobile Device Images (can be found  HERE. The images will have a .BIN extension, PPC_USA.BIN, for example.) and  Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (can be downloaded HERE)
To test ActiveSync:

Open a command window. Navigate to the c:\program files\microsoft device emulator\1.0 directory. Execute the command: deviceemulator.exe path to BIN file /memsize 256


After entering this command, the simulated mobile device boots. If no /memsize parameter is specified, the default is 64MB RAM.

Initially, the device has no network connectivity as shown below :


To enable network connectivity, click File / Configure. On the Emulator Properties window, click the Network tab. Check the box next to Enable NE2000 PCMCIA Network Adapter and bind to: Connected Network Card.


Though a connection has been made to the network card, internet connectivity may not work. If you cannot browse the internet within the mobile device, click Start / Settings / Connections / Advanced / Select Networks. Under Programs that automatically connect to the internet should connect using, choose My Work Network.


Test internet connectivity with IE. If successful, click Start / Programs / Activesync. Use the ActiveSync wizard to configure connectivity to your Exchange server.


Provided internet connectivity has been established and the Activesync settings are correct, the device will synchronize.