Daily Archives: July 23, 2010

SSL Certificates the cheap way

I needed some SSL certs for my Exchange and other servers. I wanted to buy some certificates from an commercial supplier like godaddy.com or something like that. But this is how I’ve fixed the problem.

Go to CAcert.org (https://www.cacert.org/index.php) and register/create an account.

Create an certificate request on IIS or an server you wish to create an certificate and submit this on the site.

Only one downside, the root certificate isn’t standard know. You must manually import it, read the howto here :


Thanks for macmenco for the hint!

Unable to update to ESXi 4.1 using VC Client Update Manager – “Failed to read the upgrade package metadata.xml”

I ran into some problems usingthe VC Client Update Manager. After checking the .ZIP update file it came with an error.

The solution, download the .ZIP upgrade file, extract it and copy it to your ESXi server using winscp or VC storage browse

Go to the directory where you placed the files and do the manual upgrade to ESXi 4.1 as follows :

Place your ESXi server into maintenance mode;

esxupdate update -m metadata.zip (after that restart your server and check the build level)

You’re al done!

How to enable SSH on ESXi

I install my ESXi servers with a pre-compiled version with ESXi with SSH access already enabled. But for the people who don’t, this is how you enable (unsupported!) SSH access to ESXi.

Logon to the console (you don’t have SSH access, so this is the only option)

Press ALT-F1 and type unsupported (you don’t see what you type) and hit enter.

You will be asked for the root password. Now you can edit using VI (no, nano isn’t there!) the /etc/inetd.conf

Search for #ssh (2 lines) and remove the #. Save the file using :wq and restart the server.

You are al done!