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Help : Where did my Set Predefined Options in W2K8 go?


In W2K3 it is possible to create extended scope options for example Cisco callmanager, Wyse etc. using the “Set Predefined Options”-option in the action menu.

I couldn’t find these option anymore. The action menu was pretty much cleaned up in W2K8 r2 🙂

Now these options are visibile by etiher the IPV4 or the IPV6 right mouse click 🙂 :

Howto : Migrate DHCP scope from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 Server

Use the following steps to migrate the DHCP configuration & settings :

  • Logon to the source (W2K3) server
  • Start the command prompt (cmd.exe)
  • netsh
  • DHCP
  • server
  • export W2K3DHCP all or export W2K3DHCP <scope, e.q.>
  • Copy the export file to the other (W2K8) server
  • stop the DHCPSERVER net stop DHCPSERVER or using services.msc
  • delete the DHCP.mdb (located c:\windows\system32\dhcp)
  • start the DHCP server
  • netsh
  • DHCP
  • server
  • import W2K3DHCP <scope>

All done!

Look at c:\windows\system32\dhcp\DhcpSrvLog-<Day>.txt file to monitor the DHCP requests…

Don’t forget to autohorize the new DHCP server and disable to exported scope on the old server!