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Upgrade Veeam Backup & Replication 5 to 6


I’ve been working some time with Veeam Backup & Replication and I’m very pleased about it.
At last I found some time to upgrade my V5 to V6… it took about 2 minutes Smile Hereby the steps for the upgrade :


Notice that Veeam already sees the previous installation. Hit Yes to upgrade.


It’s very straightforward. Smile


Check that the correct paths are displayed.


Check the database and the service account. (How long ago did youo change that password? Smile)


This settings should be fine if you’ve done a default installation. I did.


Et voila! No more excuses for failed back-up’s! Smile

Update : for more information visit (English) of  (Dutch)

Blackberry : RefreshGALUsingMAPI error

Today I noticed that my Blackberry server wasn’t running as it should be.
After logging on to the server my application log was full of errors and warnings :

blackberry error mapi

blackberry error mapi

For me it was quicker to restore the back-up then start troubleshooting, so I did a restore.
After restoring the virtual machine I noticed there where still errors filling up the eventlog.

I found that one service from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange Address Book wasn’t running. After starting the service everything was fine and no more errors..

blackberry exchange services

Android Calender Sync bug with Exchange 2010

Today I again received a question regarding Android phones who refuse to synchronize the calendar items. (Email etc is no problem, it’s only the calendar function). I found the following solution :

  • Go to instellingen (settings)
  • applications
  • toepassingen beheren
  • Alles
  • Agenda opslag
  • Gegevens wissen


When you synchronize again the problem should be fixed.

I’m back online! :-)

Yes, I know. I haven’t been updating my blog regularly. But now I’m back. Smile The following weekens I have some exams planned (VMware, Citrix) and currently I’m doing several interesting projects. The last months I saw some of you on several events (VMUG, DUCUG) and spoke to you. So for now, until the next post Smile !