Daily Archives: February 9, 2013

Exchange & Outlook Certificate errors.. (solved)

Today I was testing Outlook with a new Exchange server config and I received the following error :


I knew I correctly imported the new SSL certifcate because I tested OWA before Outlook and that was working fine. The solution was simple. You must specify in Exchange which Exchange services  (for example SMTP, IIS, POP, UM etc) must use which certificate.

Open the Exchange console :


Now go to the right pane, select the correct certifcate and choose


Assign Services to certifcate. Make sure you select IIS and SMTP for OWA and Outlook functionality. In my case the Outlook error disappeared.

Create Exchange 2010 CAS (NLB) Cluster

Today I installed a Exchange 2010 CAS cluster using (Windows) NLB. After some final preparation I followed Microsoft best practices for creating a CAS cluster. (Microsoft recommends creating a CAS cluster also when you’re only using one CAS cluster).

This is how you can do that :

Exchange asked for your site name, you can find this name in Active Directory sites and services.