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VMware : System logs are stored on non-persistent storage

I recently reinstalled my VMware servers using USB sticks. After the first reboot I noticed an yellow warning. When highlighting the different servers I noticed the “System logs are stored on non-persistent storage” warning.


This is how you can fix that :


Select a persistent (SAN?) storage that you can use and go to Browse Datastore.


Create a new folder



Give it a name.. 🙂



After that go to advanced settings bij the configuration tab of your ESX server.


Go to the Syslog tab.


Give the name of the datastore between brackets and the name of the folder you just created. Hit ok and you notice that the warning is gone :



Updating (updated post) 1

I use the mailcleaner community version for anti spam/virus. Mailcleaner is an Linux appliance that’s easy to set up and configure. The community version is free of charge and can be used to block spam and viruses before they enter your mailserver (for example my Exchange servers). When you have any questions or want to hear about my experience regarding Community please leave a comment. Here is how you can update to the latest version :

For a full update is better to update using the following steps :

  • aptitude update
  • aptitude safe-upgrade
  • cd /usr/mailcleaner
  • cvs -q update -dP
  • source lib/updates/
  • stabilizeBinaries
  • install/
  • install/
  • /usr/mailcleaner/bin/ –update
  • /etc/init.d/mailcleaner restart

[stextbox id=”warning”]Before and after the above steps it’s recommended to restart your server.[/stextbox]