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We all now there are lots of ANTI SPAM/Virus appliances, software solutions etc. out there. But somehow in my production & test environment it was too expensive or too much hazzle. All the products I thought were interesting were too expensive or didn’t work like they suppose to. Because I didn’t want to spent thousands of dollars for hardware/software and licenses I started looking for a solution.

I ran into They have a community driven antispam & antivirus solution with some a nice feature pack :


SMTP gateway

  • fully compatible with any SMTP server
  • routes mail on a per-domain basis
  • per recipient/host whitelist and blacklist
  • SMTP and LDAP/Active Directory callout for e-mail address validation
  • temporary storage with retries in case of final server failure
  • outgoing load balacing and/or failover


  • SpamAssassin base ruleset and additional rules
  • Bayesian controls, with auto-learn
  • RBL checks
  • Checksum protocols such as Razor/DCC/Pyzor
  • URL RBLs
  • SPF checks

Administration Web Gui

  • Complete configuration of filtered domains, with forwarding and preferences
  • configuration of the base system (network, proxy,…)
  • access to all users’ configurations and quarantine
  • full real-time spam quarantine access
  • full real-time blocked content protection policy configuration
  • advanced administration access list, so you can delegate light administrative access to other people, such as a hotline for example
  • monitoring of the whole mailcleaner filter farm
  • access to all logs
  • mail queue access and control

User Web Gui

  • Authenticator connectors so your users won’t have to remember another credential
  • Full access to their quarantine, with message release and analysis options
  • per e-mail address configuration options, such as delivery mode (tag, quarantine, drop) and periodic summaries


  • support for almost any x86 compatible hardware
  • automatic software raid genertion

and much more…

For your impression watch the screendumps :





Some details I left behind because of security purposes. But it took me about 10 minutes to install it, another 10 to configure it and I totally forgot I was running it for some time untill now. Glimlach Just check it out at :

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