VCP5: Recertify before March 10, 2015

On October 1st, VMware released a new delta exam to qualify recertification candidates for the VCP5-DCV Certification. The exam is offered to current VCP-DCVs who need to renew their VCP5-DCV credential. The exam will be available through March 10, 2015 (extended!) and offers some key advantages :

  • Based on new material between the vSphere 5.0/5.1 and vSphere 5.5 examens, (you save hours of prep time)
  • Avaiable online (you can take it from any location and don’t have to travel to an exam center)
  • Far less expensive (you save money, the costs are $120)

If you hold a VCP5-DCV certification, this is the quickest route to recertification.

Download the Exam Blueprint

Take advantage of the FREE 1-hr online course VMware vSphere: What’s New Fundamentals of V5.5 to help you prepare for the exam.

If you don’t recertify for VCP5 you have to wait to VCP6-DCV becomes available. You likely need to attend a 5-day course as well before being able to register for the exam.

The exam has 65 questions and you have 75 minutes for the exam. No retake limit other than a 7-day waiting period. Content is vSphere 5.5 specific content. Expect vSan questions. Study, book and do the exam within 48 hours after booking.

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