Vembu BDR Suite 3.7.0 – Now also available as a free edition

Some time ago I wrote about Vembu BDR Suite here. Vembu just released Vembu BDR Suite 3.7.0. This latest version comes with many improvements like :

  • Accelerate backup performance with faster restores
  • Multitenancy for both Vembu BDR and Vembu Offsite DR servers. Very interesting for service providers and based on role based access. Customers can manager and monitor themselves using Group level web access which can be enabled.
  • New backend datase. PostgreSQL in stead of MongoDB and MySQL. This for better performance and less storage required
  • Improved scheduling options
  • Faster User Interface with a new location of some functions which improves handling
  • and now.. a Free Edition – Limited feature set but avaiable after the 30 day trial period at no cost.

More information:

The Free Edition is completely new and has the following included:

  • Support for VMware, Hyper-V, Windows Servers, Windows Workstation, File Backup
  • Support for backup to the Cloud using Vembu OnlineBackup
  • Agentless VMware Backup
  • vCenter level backup
  • Backup Multiple VM’s, full VM backup
  • Possibility to exclude particular VM or disk from backup configuration
  • Support for Direct SAN, Hot-Add and network transport mode
  • Application Aware Backup
  • Instant file recovery
  • Instant Granular Recovery for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory!
  • Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V)

As you see above it’s a pretty impressive list of components and features included in the free version. Obviously there are limitations so you can’t perform every action and configure all options in the free version. Based on your management, service level agreement (SLA), recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements you can easily determine if the free version is something for you based on this “Free vs Paid edition” comparison.



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