Nakivo backup appliance now also for QNAP NAS

I’m using the Nakivo backup appliance on my Synology NAS for some time now. I’m quite happy with I thought it would be nice when there became support for QNAP. I have a high end QNAP NAS with more performance then my Synology devices, so it would be nice if I could use the extra performance and disk capacity. Now it’s possible!


Nakivo released their appliance now with support for QNAP! Using their appliance could save you a lot of time, because the appliance writes directly to the disks in doesn’t rely on networkprotocols such as NFS and CIFS. You should notice that with your backup times!

The reason I think using a NAS device for backup is that you just buy a nice enough NAS and you’re ready to go. You don’t have to use servers, virtualization software, antivirus software, management tooling etc. Just one box, place it whereover you like and off you go! Another point to keep in mind, you’re backup VM in on the same host as the server(s) which are down? Now you don’t have to reinstall or restore that server. It saves you time!

Installation of the QNAP package is very simple. Just login to your QNAP and open the AppCenter. Go to Backup/Sync and notice the NAKIVO package. Just click on it to install. You don’t have to manually download&upload the file or something like that. The program itself has the same look and feel.


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