How to configure PXE booting using PfSense

For some testing in my lab environment I needed PXE boot to work. This is how I configured PfSense to support PXE boot. In this scenario I wanted some Windows and Linux devices to boot to an imaging environment. For the Windows devices I needed option 66 en 67 but somehow when I specified those settings in PfSense I didn’t got it to work. The solution was very simple :

Log on to the Webinterface of PfSense, go to services/dhcp server.

Specify the following options :

  • IP Address of TFTP server
  • Enable network booting yes
  • Next Server (= IP Address of TFTP server)
  • Default Bios file name (= filename of legacy of UEFI bootfile name, in my case undionly.kpxe)


Save these settings and you’re all set! You don’t have to specify the 66 and 67 settings!

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