How to export & import images between KACE2000 <> Remote Site Appliance

This article describes the necessary steps to move System Images from the Remote Site Appliance to the KACE 2000 server. When the System Image is stored on the K2000 server it’s possible to create a bootable USB flash drive containing the image.

The image I wish to export is a captures K-image file currently stored on the RSA.


As you can see it’s not possible to create the Flash drive:


There is no option to create a flash drive, like this example below:


Alright, let’s start exporting the image. First step browse to the IP address of the RSA. Use the SAMBA account to browse the shares :


In this example the RSA uses the IP address Notice the restore folder. The restore is empty before the export:


No files and folders currently present in the restore folder, check 🙂

Now go to settings/Package Management/Export SDA Packages :


Select the specific image you wish to export and choose “Export Selected”:


Notice that KACE starts exporting the file:


After some time the export job is completed. Notice the green version mark (you currently have the latest version exported)


Notice the exported image in the restore folder :


Copy both files to the restore folder of the KACE 2000 folder. Now choose Import SDA Packages on the K2000 server (web interface):


Now select the specific image and choose “Import Selected”


After the import job succesfully ends you now have the specific image on your K2000 server. Notice the create flash drive option:



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