How to use your tablet as an external whiteboard for Microsoft Teams

A picture says more than a thousand words, it is often said. That’s why I usually try to draw things during presentations and meetings. Nowadays, many laptops with a touch screen (think of the Microsoft surfaces) allow you to draw perfectly. However, my laptops sit in a docking station with the screen closed, and I found it a miss to make a live drawing.

Of course, you can draw some simple lines with the mouse, but for me, it works better to draw with the screen horizontally and a pen.

In this blog post, I will describe how you can easily use a tablet to draw on while you are in a meeting or a team’s channel on another device.

I use an Android tablet (Samsung Tab S8) to draw with Microsoft Whiteboard while using Microsoft Teams on my laptop. The first step is downloading the Microsoft Whiteboard Android app in the Google store. Don’t worry, it’s free of charge 🙂

Microsoft Whiteboard App for Android

Whiteboard requires Android 6 or higher and a Work or School account. To learn more, visit the Whiteboard product page, or read the FAQ. Start the application and login in with the same credentials as on your other device.

Let’s create a whiteboard on a Teams channel for demo purposes.

Add a whiteboard to a Microsoft Teams Channel

Give it a name :

Naming your Whiteboard

Ok go to your Android device and open Microsoft Whiteboard. Notice that the whiteboard you’ve just created is already present :

Notice the demo whiteboard you’ve just created

Open this whiteboard and draw something to try it out!

Demo whiteboard 🙂

Now open your teams channel and see your drawing appears on both places!

Demo whiteboard on your teams channel

You can also edit this whiteboard on your computer using your mouse, keyboard etc and it immediately appears on both places! As you can see this works very intuitive and changes are synchronized immediately. I find this very helpful for explaining architecture decisions for example.

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