Making backups of virtual machines running on Azure using snapshot technology is a nice feature. But sometimes you don’t want to revert the whole snapshot but only want to restore a single file. Now this is possible. It uses the same backup/Snapshot technology you probably are already using. Open theRead More →

Some days ago a friend of mine asked me how it’s possible to update the PHP version to the latest stable build. Updating using the regular (web) interface didn’t seem to work… This is how you do that : add-apt-repository ppa:onderj/php5 apt-get update apt-get install php5   [stextbox id=”warning”]After thisRead More →

After installing CentOs you might notice that the eth0 network card interface isn’t working in some cases. Here is how to fix this : You need to edit (nano) two files : /etc/sysconfig/network (check networking=0) /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (set IP address and boot=on) After this you can install VMware tools also. (CheckRead More →