This is how you can encrypt your Azure virtual machine disks : az vm encryption enable –resource-group “ResourceGroupOfVM” –name “VMName” –disk-encryption-keyvault “/KeyVaultResourceIDHere” –volume-type All You can find your keyvault Resource ID here :   The reason that I used the Resource id instead of the keyvault name is that nowRead More →

In this blogpost I’m going to explain how you can still be able to send SMTP from your IaaS server running on Azure. As you might already know since Nov 15th of 2017 it’s no longer always possible to send SMTP on port 25 (I dig into that later). InRead More →

Recently I build a XenApp environment on Azure for demo purposes. I used –> this <– website helping me calculating the costs. This website (running on Azure :-)) makes it easy to calculate the costs of your XenApp/XenDesktop environment on Azure.   You can provide the locations, working Hours, Workloads and numberRead More →

In my Azure test environment I’m running several Windows and Linux servers. In this blog post I describe an easy and effective way to patch them. It only takes you a minute of configuring! On a freshly installed Windows Server 2016 without patching there were 4 available updates (Azure template)Read More →