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Review Veeam One Part 1 Installing


I recently installed Veeam in my home environment. These are the steps I went through when installing Veeam ONE.

We start with the Windows Metro style installation menu :


The installation procedure is straight forward.


There are 2 options, I’m using the full product. :-)


I choose the typical installation, you might want to change that although.


A very very nice feature is that Veeam checks for the requirements and automatically installs them :


And as you can see the requirements are installed :


Give the service accounts credentials :


Provide the SQL Server instance credentials :


Make sure the following ports are free :


Provide the VMware vCenter credentials : (or Hyper-V)


Give the credentials and IP address of your Veaam Backup & Replication server :


Check the summary and hit next to install the software :


After 1 or 2 minutes Veeam ONE is installed..


VSS Backups Part 2


A couple of days ago I mentioned this article about VSS Backups. Here you can find the second part. I especially like the part what options are avaibale when there’s no VSS writer available (LInux hosts?!). Currently I’m writing a review of Altaro Hyper-V back-up and I shall this include in the review also.

Cannot log into hosted sharepoint on Office 365 with IE 9


Today a co-worker found the solution of not able to login into Office 365′ sharepoint.

The solution was simple but effective :

Open IE9, –> tools –> Security –> Trusted Sites –> Sites. Add the following sites :



Thanks Bob! :-)



I’m back online! :-)


Yes, I know. I haven’t been updating my blog regularly. But now I’m back. Smile The following weekens I have some exams planned (VMware, Citrix) and currently I’m doing several interesting projects. The last months I saw some of you on several events (VMUG, DUCUG) and spoke to you. So for now, until the next post Smile !


Finally no more annoying flashing pop ups with Internet Explorer 9


After upgrading to Internet Explorer 9 everything was working smooth until a couple of days back. In the left corner at the top of my screen I suddenly got all kinds of annyoing and flashing pop ups. First I blamed Flash but that didn’t seem the problem. After some troubleshooting I found the sollution. Go to internet explorer, opties, advanced, check the software rendering box. Restart Internet Explorer and voila the problem is gone! I have a HP 8440p laptop, I don’t know if it supports hardware rendering or not but the problem is gone. :-)

Disable Autodiscover Certificate error


When using a standard SSL certificate for Webmail and not using a UC certificate you are likely to get SSL “mismatch” errors.

This is how you can fix that :

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity “EWS*” -ExternalUrl “Https://<external webmail address>/EWS/Exchange.asmx” -InternalUrl “Https://<external webmail address>/EWS/Exchange.asmx”

Set-ClientAccessServer -Identity <CASservername> -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri https://<<external webmail address>

Recreate a Broken SSL private key


Sometimes a private key gets corrupted and will no longer function with IIS. This is how I recreated the private key for my SSL certificate :

  1. Logon to the (web)server with the right account (domain admin for example).
  2. MMC/add certificates/Local computer –> finish
  3. Go to the certificate you wish to repair (for example personal store)
  4. Write down the serial number of the private key (propertes of the certificate)
  5. cmd –> certutil -repairstore my “SerialnumberOfSSL”
    After repair you get a message that it was succesful.

Internet Explorer 9 Download locations


For your and mine convenience :-) here are the IE 9 download links :

Internet Explorer 9 Language packs : here

Internet Explorer 9 Administration kit : here

Internet Explorer 9 exe all languages : here

Internet Explorer 9 MSU versions :


Microsoft BPOS : Group Policy ADM file


More info at :

Download the adm file here : MOCHA (rename extension to adm)

NetApp Hot Add disks


A collegae of me asked of it is possible to hot add (without rebooting) new disks to a NetApp filer.
I decided to add a couple of new disks to a NetApp 2040 filer but Filerview didn’t show me any new drives.
Using the following command I did see the newly added disks : disk show -a.

I noticed the command disk assign didn’t work, getting the error Assign failed for one or more disks in the list.

The following commands did the trick :

priv set advanced

disk assign <disk-id> -s unowned -f

disk assign <disk-id>

priv set

Now it’s possible to add the disks using filerview.

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