Blackberry : RefreshGALUsingMAPI error

Today I noticed that my Blackberry server wasn’t running as it should be.
After logging on to the server my application log was full of errors and warnings :

blackberry error mapi

blackberry error mapi

For me it was quicker to restore the back-up then start troubleshooting, so I did a restore.
After restoring the virtual machine I noticed there where still errors filling up the eventlog.

I found that one service from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange Address Book wasn’t running. After starting the service everything was fine and no more errors..

blackberry exchange services

SSL Certificates the cheap way

I needed some SSL certs for my Exchange and other servers. I wanted to buy some certificates from an commercial supplier like or something like that. But this is how I’ve fixed the problem.

Go to ( and register/create an account.

Create an certificate request on IIS or an server you wish to create an certificate and submit this on the site.

Only one downside, the root certificate isn’t standard know. You must manually import it, read the howto here :

Thanks for macmenco for the hint!