Update: After contacting Veeam support they attended me that there is a private fix voor version 912. stop all jobs stop “Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Service” replace Veeam.Ews with the DLL from the archive https://storage.veeam.com/Fix_113114_fbcf2c440c.zip in C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup365 (don’t forget to back up the original DLL) Start “Veeam BackupRead More →

A word from my sponsor : Veeam® Backup & Recovery now FULLY supports VMware vSphere 6. Now, you can get Veeam’s largest and most powerful release in history with FULL vSphere 6 support, including support for VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) and Virtual SAN (VSAN) 2.0, Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM)Read More →

Starting tomorrow Veeam’s first event Veeam One is about to start! Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to a earlier booked event and can’t attend. Luckily some of the sessions are streamed live and you can watch them from wherever you are. 🙂 Here are live streaming times: Monday,Read More →

Today I received confirmation that Veeam’s first conference will be held on October 5th till October 9th for the VMCE course. There will be General Sessions, Technical Breakouts and there will be an Expo Lounge. I’ve heard people talking about the party also 🙂 For more information check out theirRead More →

I recently installed Veeam in my home environment. These are the steps I went through when installing Veeam ONE. We start with the Windows Metro style installation menu : The installation procedure is straight forward. There are 2 options, I’m using the full product. 🙂 I choose the typical installation,Read More →