NetApp Hot Add disks

A collegae of me asked of it is possible to hot add (without rebooting) new disks to a NetApp filer.
I decided to add a couple of new disks to a NetApp 2040 filer but Filerview didn’t show me any new drives.
Using the following command I did see the newly added disks : disk show -a.

I noticed the command disk assign didn’t work, getting the error Assign failed for one or more disks in the list.

The following commands did the trick :

priv set advanced

disk assign <disk-id> -s unowned -f

disk assign <disk-id>

priv set

Now it’s possible to add the disks using filerview.

How to : Upgrade ontap on NetApp filer

Follow these simple steps to upgrade the Ontap version of your NetApp filer :

– download the preferred Ontap version from
– map filer/c$ to a network drive
– copy the ontap.exe-file to this location (/etc/software)
– open the command prompt, use software list to check the file
– then use software install <filename.exe> to load the new Ontap version
– use the download command to actually install the new Ontap version
– finally….. reboot the filer (keep putty open and watch for any errors and the progress)

Use the disk_fw_upgrade command to upgrade the firmware on the disks.


Difference between WWNN and WWPN

I’ve got this question several times from customers, friends, co-workers etc. Suppose now it’s time to make a small blogpost of it. (Also handy for VCP/VCDX exams)

A WWPN (World Wide Port Name) is physically assigned to a part in a Fibre Channel device, such as a FC HBA or SAN. It is the equivalent of the MAC address in the Ethernet protocol as it is supposed to be a unique identifier in the netwok.
The WWN’s are administred by the IEEE like the MAC Address is. The first few octets are assigned to a manafacturer, the rest is arbitrary.

The WWNN (World Wide Node Name) is a World Wide Name assigned to a node in a Fibre Channel fabric. It is valid for the same WWNN to be seen on many different ports on the netwerk.

The WWNN can be regenerated, the WWPN not :

(Screendump of VM properties below)

More info in this (usefull) document : Brocade_NPIV_ESX3.5_WP

Unable to update Mailbox SD in the DS.

A customer complained about Snapmanager for Exchange (NetApp) not working. The following error was in the eventlog:

Microsoft says the following about this:

Probably so rights issues on the mailbox. On the internet I found a script that the Mailbox GUID
turnover to the user. Download this script here : MbxGUIDtoMbxName

Give the GUID and the script gives the user name.

In this case there were rights to an Outlook folder from someone who was already out of service

NetApp Snapmanager for VI 2.0


Hier is een filmpje te bewonderen over SMVI 2.0

Vorige week bij een klant een upgrade gedaan van versie 1.0 naar 2.0 (nu met vSphere support).

Een greep uit de verbeteringen :

  • Autosupport Integration
  • Backup Enhancements& Gui Re-design
  • Snapshot Naming Changes
  • Scripting
  • Restore Enhancements
  • Single File Restore
  • Self-Service Restore
  • Limited Self-Service Restore
  • Administrator-Assisted Restore
  • Restore agent

Het viel op dat er verder een hoop bugs uit de 1e versie (1.0) inmiddels zijn verwijderd.