A collegae of me asked of it is possible to hot add (without rebooting) new disks to a NetApp filer. I decided to add a couple of new disks to a NetApp 2040 filer but Filerview didn’t show me any new drives. Using the following command I did see theRead More →

Follow these simple steps to upgrade the Ontap version of your NetApp filer : – download the preferred Ontap version from now.netapp.com – map filer/c$ to a network drive – copy the ontap.exe-file to this location (/etc/software) – open the command prompt, use software list to check the file –Read More →

Hier is een filmpje te bewonderen over SMVI 2.0 Vorige week bij een klant een upgrade gedaan van versie 1.0 naar 2.0 (nu met vSphere support). Een greep uit de verbeteringen : Autosupport Integration Backup Enhancements& Gui Re-design Snapshot Naming Changes Scripting Restore Enhancements Single File Restore Self-Service Restore LimitedRead More →