No DNS servers could be retrieved from network adapter…. 1

I found the sollution for the following error :

The solution was to specify the right DNS servers in the DNS console.

Open the Microsft Exchange Management Console


Select properties of the hub transport or the EDGE server.


Make sure that the right DNS servers are specified by internal and external DNS lookups.

Finally restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport services and check out the application log.


Failed to register PTR resourse record

Today a customer complained about DNS problems. They got the following errors :

The system failed to register pointer (PTR) resource records (RRs) for network adapter with settings :

Adapter Name : { ID }
Host Name : HOST NAME
Adapter-specific Domain Suffix : Host Name.local
DNS server list :
DNS Servers

Sent update to server : <invalid IP address>

IP Address : IP Address of client


I found that the customer was not using DNS reverse lookup Zones and also an invalid DNS forwarder.

I’ve created the correct Zones and removed the invalid DNS forwarder and the problem was gone.