Exchange 2007

How to synchronize Public Folders (Exchange 2007/2010)

When migrating to a new (version of) Exchange this is how you can synchronize the Public Folders :

Start the exchange management shell and execute the following code :

You should be able to do this using the Exchange Management Console but this often doesn’t work. After executing the above script you should be able to check and edit it again using the console although.


Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2007 Activesync (re-create virtual dir)

Today when troubleshooting Activesync problems with an Exchange 2007 environment I decided to delete en re-create the Exchange Activesync virtual directory. I used the following steps :

  1. get-activesyncvirtualdirectory (verify you Activesync virtual directory)
  2. remove-activesyncvirtualdirectory -identity “Microsoft-Server-Activesync (Default Web Site)” (remove the Activesync virtual directory)
  3. get-activesyncvirtualdirectory (verify the virtual directory is now gone)
  4. New-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName “Default Web Site” (re-create the virtual directory)
    get-activesyncvirtualdirectory (verify it has been re-created)

This is often a clean and fast solution when several options has been altered for troubleshooting for example.

Change Exchange Mailbox Language

Everybody has seen it one or twice. When importing exchange data using PST files that a user has both an postvak in as an inbox folder.

I found a nifty tool that changes the language of the exchange mailbox to a specified language.

For example :

As you can see the above mailbox language is in English.

Now you start the tool (ignore the mapi error) and select the user(s) you wish to change :

You hit set and you will notice the mailbox(es) are changed into the preferred language :

You can download the software here. The software is made by a company called amrein. Visit them at