Onedrive for Business for Mac workaround

More and more people are using Office 365 and more and more people are using Mac computers. Unfortunately Onedrive for Business is still not available. It’s scheduled for Q3 later this year… :



But for people who are eager to upload and edit documents and files stored on Office365 there is a solution… (When you are using Microsoft Office for Mac..)

Open Microsoft Document Connection


And choose for Connect to a Sharepoint Site


And enter you Sharepoint url. Your sharepoint can be copy/pasted when going to and select onedrive. Now go to the folder you wish to sync and copy the complete url. Now paste the complete url here :


At this point you have to enter your Office 365 Credentials :


And now you are ready to go. You can upload/download your documents using Microsoft Document Connection. There are some limitations, for example you can only upload files and not complete file structures (folders with files within)

Sometimes when creating the connection you receive the following error. Just try again.


Office 2013 & Fusion (Mac) black screen issues (solved) 1

Yesterday I ran into a little problem while working with Office 2013 in a Fusion box on my Mac. The screen turned black while running any of the Office 2013 applications. There are 2 solutions :

Solution 1 : Disable 3D acceleration in Fusion

Solution 2 : Disable hardware acceleration in Office

I prefer the last solution, disabling the acceleration only in Office 2013. Found no noticeable difference afterwards although.

iPhone : message stuck in outbox.. (solved)

Yesterday I ran into a problem while sending an email with my iPhone which was a bit too large (>300 mb… Glimlach)

I kept trying to send the mail in the meanwhile slowing down my phone. I took some time figuring out how to solve this. The solution was simple, enable flight mode on the (i)phone and try sending the mail again (retry). Now it stops direct and gives and error. Now you have the option to select the outbox folder and remove the large mail.

Somehow the solution found on the internet (holding down the home button) didn’t seem to work for me…