Before starting studying, you must know very well what this certification is about and what are the prerequisites

This exam is intended only for those candidates who have taken exam 70-535 (Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions). This will provide an upgrade path to earn the new Azure Solution Architect certification.

This transition exam tests and validates the skills and objective areas that are covered on the AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams, but are not covered on the older 70-535 exam.

The topics included in this transition exam are the following :

  • Develop for the Cloud (45-50%)
  • Implement Authentication and Secure Data (5-10%)
  • Implement Workloads and Security (5-10%)
  • Design a Business Continuity Strategy (15-20%)
  • Design for Identity and Security (5-10%)
  • Determine Workload Requirements (15-20%)

More details :

Develop long-running tasks
Implement large-scale, parallel, and high-performance apps by using batches

Implement resilient apps by using queues

Choose a message-based delivery with queues (/!\ with practice questions)

Choose whether to use messages or events (/!\ with practice questions)

Implement code to address application events by using web hooks

Address continuous processing tasks by using web jobs (Good Pluralsight course)

Configure a message-based integration architecture

Choose between Azure services that deliver messages

Configure an app or service to send emails, Event Grid, and the Azure Relay Service

How to Send Email Using SendGrid with Azure
How to Create a message using Sendgrid
How to Send an Email

Choose Azure Event Grid

Events, Data Points, and Messages – Choosing the right Azure messaging service for your data

Choose a messaging model in Azure to loosely connect your services (/!\ with practice questions)

Create and configure a Notification Hub, an Event Hub, and a Service Bus

Implement message-based communication workflows with Azure Service Bus

Choose a messaging platform

How to accomplish FIFO with Azure service bus topics

Configure queries across multiple products

Configure an app or service with Microsoft Graph 

Overview of Microsoft Graph

Webhooks in Microsoft Graph

Develop for asynchronous processing

Implement parallelism, multithreading, processing, durable functions, Azure logic apps, interfaces with storage, interfaces to data access, and appropriate asynchronous compute models

Asynchronous programming with async and await (C#)

Azure Durable Function (very good Pluralsight course)

Creating Durable Functions in the Azure Portal

Azure functions durable extension

Introducing Azure Logic Apps

What is Azure Logic App ?

Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating Enterprise Logic Apps (good course)

Deploy Azure Logic Apps with Terraform

Serverless Integration

Chain Azure functions together using input and output bindings

Connect your services together

Develop for autoscaling

Implement autoscaling rules and patterns (schedule, operational/system metrics, code that addresses singleton application instances, and code that addresses transient state

Web Development Best Practices

Transient Fault Handling (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure)

Implement distributed transactions

Identify tools to implement distributed transactions (e.g., ADO.NET, elastic transactions, multi-database transactions); manage transaction scope 

Understanding transactions in Azure

Distributed transactions across cloud databases

Transactions accross multiples servers

Implementing an Implicit Transaction using Transaction Scope

Connecting to on-premises data sources with Azure On-premises Data Gateway

Managing Concurrency in Microsoft Azure Storage

Develop advanced cloud workloads

Develop solutions by using intelligent algorithms that identify items from images and videos

Cognitives Services Directory

Process images with the Computer Vision service (course 32 minutes with sandbox test environment + 3 knowledge questions)

Classify images with the Microsoft Custom Vision Service (course 40 minutes)

Develop solutions by using intelligent algorithms related to speech, natural language processing, Bing Search, and recommendations and decision making

Speech Service Documentation

Bing Web Search API Documentation

What is Custom Decision Service?

Create and integrate bots with Azure Bot Service

Add natural language understanding to your bot

Language Understanding (LUIS)

Create a Luis App

Integrating Microsoft LUIS into the Bot Framework

Add natural language understanding (LUIS) to your bot

Use QnA Maker to answer questions

Q&A Maker

Integrate machine learning solutions in an app 
Machine Learning documentation

Create and implement IoT solutions

Provisioning million devices with Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Servic (Lab to do) /!\

Encrypt and decrypt data at rest

Azure Storage Encryption

Azure Drive Encryption

Azure Key Vault

Manage secrets in your server apps with Azure Key Vault (course that includes a sandbox)

Manage cryptographic keys in the Azure Key Vault

Always Encrypted (Database Engine)

Encrypt with Always Encrypted & Key Vault

Azure Confidential Compute
Introducing Azure confidential computing

Azure Confidential Computing updates with Mark Russinovich | Best of Microsoft Ignite 2018

Configure serverless computing 
Overview Serverless computing
Manage a Logic App resource

Create conditional statements that control workflow actions in Azure Logic Apps

Manage Azure Function app settings

Manage Event Grid

Azure Event Grid event schema

Event Grid subscription schema

Manage Service Bus

Azure Command Line Interface to manage Azure Service Bus resources

Use PowerShell to manage Service Bus resources

Azure Architecture Center

Azure Reference Architecture

Cloud design patterns

Valet Key pattern

Get started with Autoscale in Azure

Pillars of a great Azure architecture (course 54 min 10 questions)

Designing resilient applications for Azure

Design a site recover strategy

Replicate Azure virtual machines to another Azure region

Set up disaster recovery to Azure for on-premises physical servers

Plan capacity for Hyper-V VM disaster recovery

Set up network mapping and IP addressing for VNets

About networking in Azure to Azure replication

Fail over and fail back Azure VMs between Azure regions

Design for availability

Make all things redundant

Windows N-tier application on Azure with SQL Server

Always On availability groups: a high-availability and disaster-recovery solution

Use the best data store for the job

Availability checklist

Resiliency Checklist (Azure Services)

Resiliency Checklist (Azure Services)

Azure App Service plan overview

Cost Optimization on Azure

Prepay for Virtual Machines with Azure Reserved VM Instances

Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server

Enterprise Dev/Test or PAYG Dev/Test Subscription

BYOL SQL Server Licenses

Azure Cost Management (Cloudyn)

Advisor Cost recommendations

Optimize virtual machine spend by resizing or shutting down underutilized instances

Reduce costs by eliminating unprovisioned ExpressRoute circuits

Predict costs and optimize spending for Azure (course 59 min, 8 questions)

Pricing calculator

Azure billing and cost management documentation

Design for efficiency and operations in Azure (course 40 min, X questions)

Azure Active Directory pricing

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