All Raspberry PI devices use MAC address staring with B8:27:EB (Raspberry PI 4B uses dc:a6:32 although) so you can use the following commands to identity your Raspberry PI’s on your local network: For Windows computers : Or when you are using MacOS or Linux : Example (found 2 Raspberry PI’sRead More →

For a customer project, I was looking for backup software with support for XenServer. Unfortunately, during my search, I discovered that not many vendors support hypervisors other than VMware and Microsoft. Nevertheless, I found a good solution and will discuss it briefly in this blog. Vinchin Backup & Recovery isRead More →

Vembu recently released a new version of their BDRSuite, version 5.3.  The major features in v5.3 release are below: File Server & Endpoints backup integrated into BDRSuite You can now add Windows and Linux (file) servers to the Data Source and configure file & folder level backup from the BDRSuiteRead More →

Hi! In this blog post, I want to share some tips I’ve learned in the last months working from home. Do you have some great tips, please use the comment section to share them! Technology Technology is what makes working from home possible in the first place. It’s time toRead More →

In my previous blog post I described how to deploy an VM using DevOps, fast and simple. But ofcourse you don’t want to store secrets in parameters files! Open your parameter file and search for adminPassword. It should look something like: “adminPassword”: {            “value”: “This1sReallyReallyNotMyP@ssw0rd!”        },   Now replace it withRead More →