BDRSuite’s Endpoint Backup Solution for Windows, Linux, and Mac: An Explanation

Endpoint Backup explained

Endpoint backup refers to regularly and securely backing up data stored on individual devices like laptops and desktops. It ensures that essential files and information are safeguarded from accidental deletion, hardware failures, theft, or other potential risks. An effective endpoint backup solution should offer features such as automatic backups, version control, encryption, flexible backup storage targets, and efficient data recovery capabilities.

Why BDRSuite?

BDRSuite is an exceptional choice for organizations seeking a robust endpoint backup solution. It provides a comprehensive set of features designed to protect and recover endpoint data efficiently.

BDRSuite’s Endpoint Backup Software Overview

BDRSuite’s Endpoint Backup Software is a comprehensive and highly cost-effective solution allowing businesses to securely back up critical data stored on laptops and desktops – Windows, Linux, and Mac. It ensures that vital files are safeguarded from accidental deletion, hardware failures, theft, or other potential risks.

Core Features of BDRSuite’s Endpoint Backup Solution

  • Versatile Backup Capabilities: Backup entire disk or individual files/folders from your Windows, Linux & Mac endpoints.
    This offers users the flexibility to choose what they want to back up. Whether it’s the entire system for a full recovery or specific files vital to operations, BDRSuite has it covered.
  • Add Multiple Hosts: Easily add multiple hosts with import via CSV file and import from AD/LDAP options. It saves time and reduces human errors when adding multiple devices. It is beneficial for IT departments managing large networks.
  • Flexible Storage Options: BDRSuite supports local and cloud storage for backup targets, including local disk, SAN, NAS, S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, and S3-compatible storage like MinIO and Wasabi. This allows organizations to choose where to store their backups based on their needs, whether for quick access (local storage) or geographically distributed security (cloud storage).
  • Exclusions: Standard and advanced filters to exclude specific files or folders.
    Users can create backups more efficiently by excluding unnecessary files, reducing backup size and time.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Near Continuous Data Protection with RPO and RTO of less than 15 minutes.Provides almost real-time backups, ensuring data is almost always current. Minimizes data loss in the event of a disaster.
  • Advanced-Data Security for Endpoints: All backups are compressed by the VembuHIVE filesystem and encrypted using the AES-256-bit algorithm. Ensures data remains secure and protected from both external threats and accidental loss.
  • Data Retention & Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. Empowers organizations to comply with international and local data protection standards, essential for globally-operating businesses.
  • Endpoint Data Recovery: Immediate endpoint recovery as a VM in seconds on VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM. Minimizes downtime post-disaster, vital for business continuity and to avoid financial losses.


In an era where data loss can be catastrophic for businesses, BDRSuite’s Endpoint Backup solution provides a safe, efficient, and reliable method to protect critical company data. With features like flexible storage options, advanced data protection, and swift data recovery, BDRSuite is an indispensable tool for every IT professional.

And the best part? You can now back up 10 Endpoints for free. Forever! Or start with a 30-day free trial.

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