For a MDM project I had to make an dump which users are using which devices to (active)sync with their Office 365 mailboxes. This is how I did that : Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | ForEach {Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox:$_.Identity} | Select-Object @{label=”User” ; expression={$_.Identity}},DeviceModel,DeviceOS, lastsuccesssync | Export-csv F:\powershell\activesync.csv Running the above commandRead More →

Use the following Powershell script to connect to Azure Active Directory and Microsoft O365. This enables you to use all the O365 Powershell commands. #Connecting to Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory #This first command will import the Azure Active Directory module into your PowerShell session. Import-Module MSOnline #Capture administrativeRead More →

I was looking for a way to identify messages in my Outlook Mailbox and easily delete them. First connect to Office 365 with you (admin) credentials using the LiveCred command. Set the Execution Policy and import the commandlets. Using the next command creates an export of all emails from theRead More →