Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2007 Activesync (re-create virtual dir)

Today when troubleshooting Activesync problems with an Exchange 2007 environment I decided to delete en re-create the Exchange Activesync virtual directory. I used the following steps :

  1. get-activesyncvirtualdirectory (verify you Activesync virtual directory)
  2. remove-activesyncvirtualdirectory -identity “Microsoft-Server-Activesync (Default Web Site)” (remove the Activesync virtual directory)
  3. get-activesyncvirtualdirectory (verify the virtual directory is now gone)
  4. New-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName “Default Web Site” (re-create the virtual directory)
    get-activesyncvirtualdirectory (verify it has been re-created)

This is often a clean and fast solution when several options has been altered for troubleshooting for example.

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