System Center

Resetting Health States in OpsMgr 2007

When SCOM agents keep appearing in a variety of red and yellow states :

  • Launch Health Explorer for the RMS and document any Yellow or Red monitors within the Root Management Server.
  • Disable Monitors which are Red using an Override which applies only to the RMS server.
  • Put the RMS server into Maintenance Mode.
  • Wait until the server is unmonitored.
  • Take the RMS server out of Maintenance Mode.
  • Re-enable the Monitors which were disabled.
  • Launch Health Explorer and refresh the state.
  • Resetting the Health State on other Agents

You don’t have to do the above process with regular agents. If the Reset Health task within the Health Explorer does not work then for the non-RMS servers you can use the Flush Health Service State task.
It’s available under the monitoring \ Operations Manager \ Agent Health State. On the right-pane click on the server, choose Health Service Tasks \ Flush Health Service and State Cache.
This isn’t available for the RMS server itself though.