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Updating Altaro Hyper-V back-up to latest version

I’m running Altaro Hyper-V back-up for some time now. Approx 1 year ago I installed it on my Hyper-V server and it has been running all the time with no problems. It never missed a back-up and so I didn’t saw the need to update to other versions. Most of the time upgrading back-up software can be quite tricky and I didn’t want to reboot my Hyper-V servers. Never the less I thought it was time to upgrade to the latest version. Here are the steps :


Click Check for updates,


Click Update now


And install the downloaded new version,






After hitting next I was pleased to see that all of my settings were still there and I didn’t had to reboot my server :


Here the “evidence” that it didn’t miss one back-up (No I didn’t deleted any errors Glimlach) :


I’m very pleased with the performance and stability of the product. So check it out. Click the banner on my blog.

Review : Mailcleaner(.org)

We all now there are lots of ANTI SPAM/Virus appliances, software solutions etc. out there. But somehow in my production & test environment it was too expensive or too much hazzle. All the products I thought were interesting were too expensive or didn’t work like they suppose to. Because I didn’t want to spent thousands of dollars for hardware/software and licenses I started looking for a solution.

I ran into They have a community driven antispam & antivirus solution with some a nice feature pack :


SMTP gateway

  • fully compatible with any SMTP server
  • routes mail on a per-domain basis
  • per recipient/host whitelist and blacklist
  • SMTP and LDAP/Active Directory callout for e-mail address validation
  • temporary storage with retries in case of final server failure
  • outgoing load balacing and/or failover


  • SpamAssassin base ruleset and additional rules
  • Bayesian controls, with auto-learn
  • RBL checks
  • Checksum protocols such as Razor/DCC/Pyzor
  • URL RBLs
  • SPF checks

Administration Web Gui

  • Complete configuration of filtered domains, with forwarding and preferences
  • configuration of the base system (network, proxy,…)
  • access to all users’ configurations and quarantine
  • full real-time spam quarantine access
  • full real-time blocked content protection policy configuration
  • advanced administration access list, so you can delegate light administrative access to other people, such as a hotline for example
  • monitoring of the whole mailcleaner filter farm
  • access to all logs
  • mail queue access and control

User Web Gui

  • Authenticator connectors so your users won’t have to remember another credential
  • Full access to their quarantine, with message release and analysis options
  • per e-mail address configuration options, such as delivery mode (tag, quarantine, drop) and periodic summaries


  • support for almost any x86 compatible hardware
  • automatic software raid genertion

and much more…

For your impression watch the screendumps :





Some details I left behind because of security purposes. But it took me about 10 minutes to install it, another 10 to configure it and I totally forgot I was running it for some time untill now. Glimlach Just check it out at :

ZIP Configuration file “contains corrupted data” when import-csconfiguration on Lync Edge server

Some time ago I ran into a problem while exporting/importing the Lync Configuration Store. When importing the configuration file the Lync edge server complains that the file contains corrupted data. After some troubleshooting I found that the solution was very easy, you must enter the .ZIP extension when exporting the data to the file. Otherwise it says the file contains corrupted data.

You could use the following command to export your Configuration Store data:

Export-CsConfiguration -FileName C:\

How to use EMC to migrate mailboxes from Exchange on premises to Office365 and vice versa

In my previous post you can read how easily it is to use the EMC to administer your Office365 account. Now you can imagine how easily it could be to migrate Exchange mailboxes from your on premises Exchange Server to Office365 or the other way around! This is how you can do that :

First open the console and select New Remote Move Request


Choose the user you wish to migrate :


Now specify the target domain and the remote database  and hit next.


Hit next and watch your mailbox fly to the cloud!

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How to use the EMC to administrate Office365

Nowadays more and more people are migrating from Exchange to Office365/Exchange Online or are using a Hybrid solution. Many people don’t know that they can use the Exchange 2010 Management Console to control their Office365 settings and users. This is how you can link your Office365 environment to the EMC.

First download and install EMC, this is straight forward.  Now open the EMC and select add Exchange forest :


Enter a friendly name and choose the option “Exchange Online”.


Enter your credentials and hit ok!


Notice that you have the possibility to administer your on premises Exchange and Office 365.



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