Daily Archives: August 20, 2013

ESXi : Kill running(?) Virtual Machine


This is how you easily can kill an running VM :

  1. Login to your VMware server
  2. Start esxtop
  3. Press c to show CPU resource screen
  4. Press Shift-V to show only virtual machines
  5. Press f to add a column (Leader World ID)
  6. Identify the machine you wish to kill (LWID)
  7. Press K and enter the ID
  8. Wait for a couple of seconds

Exchange 2010/2013 : Unable to find schema master

Some time ago I ran into an error while installing Exchange. It seems this problem also occurs when upgrading/installing an Exchange Server service pack. This is how to fix this problem :

First go to the (root) domain controller and register the schema extension :

Now load the plugin by starting mmc and adding the extension

Now right-click the Active Directory Schema en select Change Active Directory Domain Controller. (Choose the domain controller you wish to transfer the schema role to)


Hit ok when you receive the read-only warning.

Now select Change Schema Master and hit Change.