Building a HYPER-V cluster for under $ 2000

Last week I was reading a ebook from my sponsor Altaro and I wanted to share this with my readers. This ebook is all about building a test environment capable of running a Hyper-V cluster.



The setup has looks quite a bit like my test environment. My Hyper-V cluster is build by 2 HP N40L microservers with each 16 Gb of memory (not the 8 Gb mentioned in the document). Officially it’s not supported but it works great. I also bought the ILO interface cards and therefore didn’t need to the buy the DVD drives.

For storage I’m using a NetApp FAS 2040 and a Qnap NAS. I’m always interested what other people use for their home environment and whitebox. So I thought it would be nice to share this link with you.

Would like to hear what you guys are running!

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