How to build your own Self service portal

A collegae asked me if it was possible for end users to change their passwords themself.

Ofcourse there are several commerical tools (like manageengine) which allows users to change their passwords but they are not cheap and licensed by the number of end users. (In my case > 2000 users)

First I used the IISADMPWD method from Server 2003 IIS but I found a better method. I used RD Web Access to provide the end users a way to self service their password.

First install the RD Web Access component :

  • Add Roles and Features
  • Choose Remote Desktop Services installation
  • Standard Deployment
  • Choose Session-based desktop deployment



Now configure IIS :

  • IIS Manager
  • Right click RDWeb
  • Configure application Settings and enable PasswordChangeEnabled true

Now you can go to the following address :



Make sure you protect this webpage using a SSL certificate.


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