VCDX Design examen PDF’s

Blueprint van het Design examen : DesignExamBlueprint

VMware ESX Server in the Enterprise :

VMware ESX Server Advanced Technical Design Guide : VMware_ESX_Server_Book

The Great vSwitch Debacle : Link

VMware Advanced Technical Design Guide (nieuwe versie van het boek hierboven) and Advanced Operations Guide : vi3book

VMware Infrastructure Architecture Overview : vi_architecture_wp

Security Design of the VMware Infrastructure 3 Architecture : vi3_security_architecture_wp

SAN System Design and Deployment Guide : vi3_san_design_deploy

iSCSI Design Cosiderations and Deployment Guide : iSCSI_design_deploy

Appendix C – Whats New and Different in Vi3-5 : Appendix C – Whats New and Different in Vi3-5

Configuration Maximums : vi3_35_25_config_max

Configuring iSCSI in a VI 3 Environment : vi3_iscsi_cfg[1]

VMware VMotion and CPU Guide : vmotion_info_guide[1]

Network Throughput in a Virtual Infrastructure : esx_network_planning[1]

HA Deepdive :

Welke poorten worden er gebruikt (Excel sheet) : VMwareNetworkPortCompendium-v3

Configuring and Troubleshooting N-Port ID Virtualization : vi3_35_25_npiv_config

Setup for Microsoft Cluster Service : vi3_35_25_u2_mscs

Fibre Channel SAN Configuration Guide : vi3_35_25_san_cfg

Virtual Machine Backup Guide : vi3_301_201_vm_backup

Resource Management Guide : vi3_35_25_resource_mgmt

VI3 Security Hardening : vi35_security_hardening_wp

A Practical Guide to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
with VMware Infrastructure : practical_guide_bcdr_vmb

Performance Characterisics of VMFS and RDM : vmfs_rdm_perf

Using Raw Device Mapping : vmfs_rdm_perf

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