Advanced administration Office 365

More and more companies start using Office 365 (including me:-)). The interface is simple and administration is fairly easily to use. But sometimes you wish you could do that little bit more, those things you could do when running Exchange 2013. I’ve got a surprise for you… you can!

Ok, let’s assume you are running Office 365 with one or more licenses. You probably now how to log on. Let’s go to and use your credentials to logon :


After entering the credentials you see something like this :


Go to Outlook and you see you inbox. Ok, pay attention. You now see that your url has change to something more. Let’s change everything after .com/ to /ecp. So you have the following url


And (when you are an administrator of your Office 365 account) you now see the following screen :


Wow! That looks familiar! You now have (almost) full control over your Office 365 account. (Which uses Exchange 2013 under the hood).

Now it’s possible to :

  • administrator advanced options
  • access to malware and quarantaine filters
  • track and trace emails
  • create and administrator public folders
  • configure archiving etc

More information soon in part 2


  1. Or you could just login to your Office 365 account and in the right top corner open the Admin menu and click on “Exchange” 🙂

    1. Dat kan ook, alleen heb je dan niet helemaal dezelfde mogelijkheden. Maar goede opmerking!

  2. Hoi Xander, zojuist geconstateerd dat de Exchange optie niet zichtbaar is bij abonnementen van het type “Office 365 voor Professionals en Kleine Bedrijven”. Enterprise abonnementen hebben deze optie standaard wél in het menu staan.

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