How to : Factory reset Fortigate 60c

Today I was enrolling a Fortigate 60C. A collegae of my grabbed the device before I did and changed the password without writing it down. This is how to reset the device to factory default.

First of all, in my case the reset button didn’t work. You can disable the reset button, also ignoring it the first 30 seconds after booting. So I had to find another strategie.

This is how to fix this, before you go any further. Make sure you have a serial cable and connect your laptop and the device. Connect using the following :

 Setting  Value
 Speed Baud  9600
 Data Bits  8
 Parity  1
 Stop Bits  1
 Flow control  no
 Com port  The right one 🙂

Now reboot the device (unplug the power and wait > 10 seconds before putting power back in). After booting enter the following username : maintainer and the password is bcpb and SERIALNUMBER. You can find the serial on the back of the device ofcourse.

Ok we are in now. This is how to change the admin password :

config system admin
edit admin
set password pietjepuk

Because someone fingled with the device I decided to do a factory reset immediatly with the following command :

execute factoryreset

After this you can login in with the admin useraccount without any password.



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