Difference between the 2 Intune Agents

When deploying Intune, you have 2 options. In the following table you see the difference between them :

Stand-alone Hybrid
Administration with ConfigMgr No Yes
Supported Devices IOS 6+, Android 4+, Windows Workstations, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8+ IOS 6+, Android 4+, Windows Workstations and Servers, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8+, Linux Servers, Mac OSX
Maximum nr of managed device count 50.000 mobile devices, 7000 mixed mobile devices and PC’s 50000 with ConfigMgr, 100.000 with a dedicated ConfigMgr primary site
On-premises infrastructure required No Yes
Extensible and customizale (inventory, reporting, third-party) No Yes
Simple web Console accessible from anywhere Yes No
Requires client connectivity to the internet Yes No
Integrated Operating System Deployment No Yes
Retire and wipe devices Yes Yes
Full-featured app deployment Yes Yes
Software Updates Yes Yes
Endpoint protection Yes Yes
App-V Integration No Yes
Software Metering No Yes
Rapid updates to features and capabilities with no upgrades required Yes Using ConfigMgr 2012R2

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