Quick tip : How to check which other websites are sharing your (VPS/Web) server 1

Many people make use of VPS servers of providers like TransIP and GoDaddy.com

Often I hear people complain about the performance of their (web) server of Blog. Often this is due to overcomittment of the virtualization platform that the provider is using. Many websites have little to none traffic and at peak times the performance is not that great. (Keep in mind the price differences between hosting providers!) Don’t expect great performance when you use a $3/month WordPress website. Often those servers are heavily overcommitted.

You can check this very easily by using reverse DNS. An easy to use website is yougetsignal. Just fill in your (or any other) domainname and hit check. You instantly see which other websites are using the same public Internet IP Address. You see >30 other questionable websites??? Don’t expect top performance…


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One thought on “Quick tip : How to check which other websites are sharing your (VPS/Web) server

  • Robert

    Hey Xander,

    This is a really great service, but…. I have checked one of my own webservers, and when I submit my info the site returns many websites who are deleted from my server more than 2 years ago.. So in my opinion it a very useful site, but not very accurate.

    Keep on posting this great stuf!