Altaro Office 365 Backup (for MSPs)

There’s a common misconception that Microsoft fully backs up Office 365 Mailbox. Microsoft is responsible for providing the O365 service, but do you know it’s your (!) responsibility to protect your (customer’s!) O365 data?

Microsoft has limited possibilities to help you with unexpected data loss or damage. Therefore it’s very important to have a solid backup solution in place!

My sponsor Altaro has a great product called Office 365 Backup! It’s a central multi-tenant solution for keeping your O365 data safe! You pay per mailbox, per month covering back up, storage, use of their management console and support! You don’t have to pay for contracts or anything else. Their service/solution is ideal for you as MSP!

There is a minimum of 30 mailboxes and you don’t need their VM Backup product to manage it. (Volume discounts possible) You can restore O365 data to the original mailbox, another mailbox or into a zip file. (Full restore or single/multiple items)

You can browse through the backup files and select the items you wish to restore.

You also don’t need any local storage and/or software. You can self decide what the monthly fee is you charge your customers! Have the flexibility to add and/or remove mailbox as needed. You only pay for the mailboxes you’ve backed up the last month!

Download the fact sheet here.
Sign up for your 30-day trial here.

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