How to assign Microsoft Cloud licenses the right way

Are you still manually assigning licenses to users and are users complaining they didn’t have a license or maybe the wrong license? Use the following steps to assign the right licenses (Office 365, Intune, etc) to your users :

Sign in to your Office 365 enviroment and go to admin/Azure Active Directory (or go directly to and select Azure Active Directory in the left pane).

Go to Groups:


Now we are going to create a new Security group, fill in the necessary information. For this demo we’re first going to add an Assigned Membership type.



Select any user for this example.

After you’ve created the security group, go back to Azure Active Directory and select Licenses :


Choose + Assignments to assign Licenses (take notice of the Reprocess button, we’re going to use that button later this exercise :-))


Select the Appropriate License and their license option(s) you wish to assign to users which are a member of the security group you’ve just created :


Take notice that you can easily set specific license options to your users!

After you hit save you see that all the users beloning to that specific security group have their appropriate licenses.


Hold on! But that wasn’t the case! Do you manually want to add users to specific groups all the time?? Maybe…maybe not…. In the first case you information above is all you need. But let’s say you want all active users in Azure Active Directory automatically assign an Intune license (for example)… how we’re going to accomplish that!?

Well…. therefore you should create a Dynamic Security Group. You assign the expressions (the rules) and not all the users. For example, you could configure a Rule with the Property “accountEnabled” is true. The result is that all the users which are able to logon to Azure AD, automatically get an license assigned you’ve specified!


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