What’s new in BDRSuite 5.5

Vembu recently released their latest update for BDRSuite, version 5.5. In this blog post, I will inform you of the latest updates! BDRSuite is Vembu’s backup & recovery tool suitable for securing data in a Data Center, private or Public Cloud, SaaS applications, or Endpoints.

New features

Several improvements and updates have been made, the most important :

  • Support for the latest version of VMware vSphere (version 8 and later)
  • Support for Google Cloud as Backup Repository (Object Storage)
    BDRSuite already supports other Cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3, Azure Blob, etc.
  • Integration with ConnectWise
  • Backup and Recovery of VMware (VM) templates
    VM templates will appear in the list of entities that can be selected for backup.
  • Backup and Recovery of Microsoft 365 Archive mailbox
  • Deduplication of Microsoft 365 User Mails
    BDRSuite now reduces bandwidth and storage utilization by using the mail-level deduplication feature at the source while backing up the mailboxes. With this, BDRSuite avoids transmitting duplicate email data and saves bandwidth and storage!

And further

  • VMware Backup performance more than doubled!
  • VMware CBT enhancements
  • Parallel disk image backup
  • Parallel synthetic full backup
  • Management applications for Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Able to restore a mailbox to another tenant (for O365 and Google Workspace)
  • Restore backed-up user emails directly from Microsoft 365 using the BDRSuite Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Option to download the Restore Logs for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Breadcrumbs view for OneDrive and Group Onedrive Restore
  • Improved progress windows for Offsite Replication

If you are already using BDRSuite, you must upgrade to version 5.0 before you can upgrade to version 5.5.0.

You can find the Product User and installation guides here.

Download Vembu BDRSuite here.

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