How to install Exchange 2010 prerequisites automatically

Exchange 2010 setup does a detailed check on their prerequisites, but does not install them for you. You are expected to manually install and configure all required hotfixes, server components and services which is inefficient and time consuming. Maybe you find it useful to automate the installation and configuration of the prerequisites.

Therefore download the following file and copy it to your exchange server: ex2010prerequisites 

Use one of the batch files provided below. The batch file takes care of everything (installs hotfixes, enables required services, installs Windows server components, reboots the server)  and is optimized to do everything in a single pass with a single reboot (if required).

Two variations of the batch files are provided:

a) ex2010.bat – this one will present you with menu options and allow you to select individually for which Exchange roles you would like prerequisites to be installed (for example just for mailbox role).

b) ex2010turbo.bat – this one is a “full auto” script which installs all the prerequisites for all Exchange roles without any input required from the user. Start it, go for a coffee, and by the time you are back your server is restarted with everything installed on it, ready for Exchange 2010 to be deployed.
Prerequisites are different for Windows 2008 SP2  and Windows 2008 R2, so please make sure you use correct version of the scripts and updates

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