How to fix non booting laptops hanging at HP logo

While working on a large deployment project I noticed a strange behaviour with HP laptops. After deploying some laptops didn’t pass the HP logo. Nothing happend.


After searching the internet and contacting HP (no solution) the solution came through (by mistake :-))

When you see the above hp logo and your laptop doesn’t start through…. press the up (no keypad) or the 8 (with the up arrow) and voila!


After pressing the up arrow the problem is solved. 🙂


  1. Hi Xander,
    can you please describe this more in detail?
    Which computer models are affected?
    Which bios version is installed?
    Which OS did you install?
    How was the os deployed? DSM? SCCM? Tivoli?
    What was the CASE ID at HP Support?

    1. Author

      It was with multiple models (250, 430, 450) with different BIOS versions. OS was Windows 10 x64. Notice, it was before the OS. Before the POST! The OS was deployed using KACE, but SCCM had the same error.

  2. Yes this happened to me also. And your solution worked. Thanks

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